Hawksworth Brunch Review

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Winner of many prestigious awards and recipient of much press, the Hawksworth Restaurant, in the Georgia Rosewood Hotel, has been “all the hype” in Vancouver since it opened in 2011. Although famous for its dinner menu, the brunch menu actually happens to be my favorite in Vancouver. If you eat with your eyes, like I do, and glamorous decor is your fancy, then Hawksworth Restaurant is a must try for any occasion.  The bright and vibrant ambiance in the stunning pearl room is the perfect kick off to any weekend and will surely boost your mood.

To start, I have to say the service was amazing. The staff was extremely attentive, knowledgeable, and polite. The presentation and plating was artistic and tasteful. The brunch menu was versatile with a variety of sweet and savory items and an assortment of salads and starters. Pretty much something for everyone!   Classic items such as eggs and bacon were given a new twist. The hash browns were dusted with fresh parmesan cheese and the bacon is applewood smoked. Craving Eggs Benedict? No problem, you have a choice of classic or pacific sablefish. My friend ordered the classic benny and said that the hollandaise sauce was the best she’s ever had! The benny was accompanied with a tangy and refreshing arugula salad, which was a nice palate cleanser.



I ordered “The English” which is a traditional English breakfast.  The breakfast includes eggs, hashbrowns, bacon & sausage, baked beans served in a mini iron cast skillet, a grilled tomato, mushrooms and even black pudding (which was kind of funky but definitely unique). The sausage was my favorite because it had magnificent flavor and was perfectly moist.


The sommelier suggested we try the Gamay, which was a crispy light rose, perfect for early consumption because of its low tannins.

Overall the brunch menu was fairly priced for the quality and ambiance. I’ve visited the restaurant on many occasions, always going with high expectations and never leaving dissatisfied. Overall, I had a very pleasant experience. The upscale ambiance, stellar food, and superb service stuck out as key elements of my brunch. You definitely have to try it at least once.














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